Coaching to Always Use Teach-back

Giving staff knowledge on teach-back and its effectiveness is important. But, to change from a long-standing patient education habit of asking yes/no questions like “Do you have any questions?” to one of using teach-back to confirm understanding via the patient’s own words, takes coaching.

Changing providers’ behavior and building new habits take time. Coaching can help staff be successful.

These Tools will help you coach staff to the new habit of always using teach-back.

Coaching Tips (PDF) 

Summary of key elements of coaching staff to integrate new habits into their work.

Observation Tool (PDF)

Record your observations as staff build their knowledge and conviction about, and skills and confidence in using, teach-back. Use the findings to guide coaching, additional learning, and establishing consistent habits.

Conviction and Confidence Scale (PDF)

Fill this out before starting to use teach-back, and one and three months later. Use the results to identify things that can help build conviction about the importance of, and confidence in using, teach-back, and to track progress.

Making Teach-back an Always Event (PDF)

Examples of how to make sure use of teach-back is an “always” event by building it into standard practices and policies.